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ProfessionalLighting Choices separetor

MR11 -- 2.5W; MR16 -- 4Watt, 6Watt
G4 -- 1Watt,1.5Watt, 2.5Watt, 5Watt
Bayonet -- 1.5Watt,2Watt,2.5Watt,5Watt
Wedge -- 1.5Watt, 2.5Watt, 5Watt
G9 -- 3Watt, 5Watt


News & Events

February 1, 2004

Open JQ Green America,LLC. We design and manufacture unique LED light bulbs for US retail distributors.

May 22, 2012

Open the office and warehouse in San Diego, California

December 1, 2016

Open the office and warehouse in Miami, Florida

What We Offer

  • Our LED manufacturing facility can custom make any LED bulb/fixture based on your specifications. All sales are factory direct.
  • Additionally, all products are backed by our 5 year warranty.
  • We have offics, warehouse, and distribution centers located in San Diego and Miami to serve all of our clients, nationwide.

Why You Need us

  • Money is saved due to less energy used every month. As most businesses require lighting 8 to 24 hours a day, the savings are significant.
  • Time is saved as LED bulbs last much longer than CFL or incandescent bulbs. The time spent replacing traditional bulbs will be drastically reduced.
  • LED bulbs are environmentally friendly with no UV nor IR radiation. Unlike CFL bulbs, which have Mercury and hazardous to the environment, LED bulbs benefit our future generations by providing a Greener America.